1783 – The London Chronicle [05/06/1783]

From TUESDAY, June 3, to THURSDAY, June 5 1783. Nº 4149

The French, it seems, are determined to lose no time in settling a colony at Miquelon and St Pierre. The Temeraire of 74 guns, lately sailed from Brest for those islands, having on board several families, and a large quantity of all the utensils proper for the cod fishery. As soon as the settlers are landed at those places, a fort is to be erected in the largest of those two islands, and sufficient fortifications to put both in a proper state of defence.

Marc Albert Cormier

Marc Albert Cormier est originaire des îles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. Passionné par l'histoire de son archipel natal, il a consacré d'importants moyens à la mise sur pied de ce projet d'encyclopédie virtuelle et historique.

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